Our Time Off feature will allow you to add and manage leaves for your team so that:

  • You can effectively track team members' time off for accurate payroll calculation

  • You can keep track of upcoming leaves and are able to plan accordingly if someone is away

This guide will cover :

  1. Creating time off policies

  2. Adding time off for team members

  3. Viewing employee leave

Other topics that will be covered:

1. Creating time off policies (Admin/Owner Setting)

Two policies are set up on Jibble by default – Medical Leave and Vacation Leave. You may choose to use these pre-existing policies, or create your own time off policy based on your company's leave rules.

Note : Creating custom time off policies is an Admin/Owner's setting.

Steps :

  1. Go to “Time Off” on the settings menu > Select Time Off Policies tab

  2. To add a time off policy, click on the orange button on the right top corner.

  3. Add a name for your time off policy and select a compensation type (Paid/Unpaid).

  4. Click Save.

  5. Your Time Off Policy is now added to the Time Off Policy list.

2. Adding time off for team members

Note : Only users with Owner/Admin role can add time off for team members


  1. Go to "Time Off" from the left navigation menu.

    This is not to be confused with Time Off Settings under the settings navigation menu (located at the bottom of the menu).

  2. To add a Time Off for a team member, click on the "Add Time Off" orange button at the center of the page.

  3. The "Add Time Off" sidebar will appear from the right of the screen.

  4. Fill in the required "Add Time Off" information for your member's time off:

    • Select the member you want to add a time off for

    • Select a time off policy for the employee's leave type

    • Select whether employee is (1) taking a full day off or (2) a number of hours of a day

    • If employee is taking a full day off (or days off), select the start date and end date

    • If required, add a reason or note for the employee's time off.

  5. Click "Save"

  6. Time off added for member will now be added to the time off overview.

3. Viewing employee leave

Note : Only Owners/Admins have access to all employee time off within their organisation. Managers can only view time off for the members assigned to them. Normal Members can only view their own time off.


  1. Go to "Time Off" from the left navigation menu.

  2. Owners/Admins/Managers can view their team members' time off or their own by navigating through the three available tabs on the time off overview.

    • Today : To view employees' time off for the day

    • Upcoming : To view upcoming time off

    • Past : To view past time off for employees

Time off Settings

As of Time Off's release, “Time Off” settings will replace "Holidays" on the settings navigation menu.

The "Time Off" settings page consists of two tabs: (1) Time Off Policies and (2) Holidays.

Under "Time Off Policies", admins can set up custom leave policies according to their company's leave policies and requirements.

Under "Holidays", admins can create holiday calendars to calculate public holiday overtime as well as be notified of their team's upcoming public holidays.

  • You can choose to import all Public Holidays for a specific country, or manually add the holidays yourself.

Types of Time Off Compensations

There are two types of compensations for time off configuration:


Time off is added into payroll hours on timesheets and reports.


Time off is not added into payroll hours on timesheets and reports. It is also not billable.

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