Specifically for our Malaysian customers, we offer the possibility to export all of your timesheets in a format that's ready to upload to PayrollPanda.

Before you get started, you will need to set up an account in PayrollPanda.

Enabling PayrollPanda from the Integrations tab

All Malaysian customers will have the option to enable the PayrollPanda integration by navigating to Settings > Organization > Integrations.

Once the integration is enabled, go to the Timesheets page and click on the Export button.

PayrollPanda will now be shown as an export option under "File format", and all you need to do is:

  • Select PayrollPanda

  • Adjust all other available filters including groups and members if necessary

  • Under Date range, select the month for your desired payroll information

  • Hit Export and wait for your timesheets to be downloaded

The file will look something like this:

Understanding the export file

There are some key differences between the Jibble 2 and Jibble 1 PayrollPanda timesheet export file, the Jibble 2 export file has been updated to reflect the latest guidelines from the Malaysian Employment Act as seen here.




This is the year the worked hours were captured in Jibble


This is the month the worked hours were captured in Jibble


First & last name of the employee

Employee ID

The Employee's Member Code. This can be adjusted from Settings > People > Team Member > Employment Info

Total Working Hours

The total number of regular hours tracked

Normal Overtime

Overtime hours tracked according to the employee's schedule

Public Overtime

Overtime tracked on public holidays

Rest Day Overtime

Overtime tracked on official rest days & regular hours tracked on public holidays

Rest Day Regular Hours

Regular hours tracked on official rest days

That's it! You can use this file to upload your timesheet information into PayrollPanda as explained in this article.

To learn more about how to use PayrollPanda for your Malaysian payroll, check out their website or reach out to us!


  • Make sure that the Employee ID is exactly the same as the Employee ID set up in PayrollPanda.

  • Make sure that the Employee name is exactly the same as the Employee name set up in PayrollPanda

  • When exporting PayrollPanda timesheets from Jibble 2, you will need to create a custom overtime item (x1) in PayrollPanda to account for the rest day regular hours clocked by your team members and map them accordingly to run payroll.

  • To understand how work times are calculated according to the Malaysian Employment Act, please see this article.

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