As an owner, you want your team to track their hours as accurately as possible so that they can get paid accordingly.

Tracked hours are the hours your team tracks when they clock in and out, whereas the payroll hours are ultimately the hours you use to pay your team - this can be the same as tracked hours or can be manually adjusted.

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Timesheet views

Upon clicking on a member's daily hours on the main timesheet view you see, you will see a detailed personal daily timesheet with a detailed breakdown of the member's timesheets. This is where you can manage their time entries and tracked hours.

There are two tab views on this page. Navigate to the different tab views by clicking the icons next to "Add Time Entry" on the top right corner. Each tab consists of different breakdowns.

  • Time entries tab: The daily timesheet is shown with a breakdown of time entries, tracked hours, and payroll hours.

  • Payroll breakdown tab: In a week’s view, you can see the breakdown of payroll hours for each day. The payroll hours are editable here by owners and admins.

Tracked hours

Your team clocks in and out to track their hours and time entries. Those hours are their tracked hours.

By default, your tracked hours are automatically your payroll hours. Tracked hours are distributed among worked hours and break hours. These two hours (only paid break) are then distributed among regular hours and overtime hours in the Payroll hours breakdown.

If you need to adjust your tracked hours, you can adjust the time entries directly where the new change will reflect on your tracked hours.

Payroll hours

Payroll hours are the hours you use to pay your team accordingly. Payroll hours are distributed among regular hours and overtime hours.

If you need to edit a member's payroll hours, hover on top of regular or overtime hours on the Payroll Breakdown tab and click on the edit pencil icon. After that, these hours will become your manually adjusted payroll hours.

Notes after you make edits to the payroll hours:

  • Payroll hours will no longer update automatically if additional changes are made to tracked hours.

  • Totals for tracked hours and payroll hours will no longer match.

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