By default, everyone can turn on and record their GPS locations (on mobile) when tracking time. However, you can enforce more location restrictions with time tracking policies.

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Clocking in with normal location tracking

After enabling location permissions on their mobile device (Go to your phone settings to enable it), your team members can start to track time with their locations.

Their GPS information will be capture automatically and will be recorded on their time entries.

Read more about GPS location tracking here.

Clocking in with geofencing

If you want to enforce a stricter location restriction for your team where they are unable to clock in until they are physically at the workplace, you can try enabling geofencing.

Once you have set up and enabled geofences restrictions for your team on Time Tracking settings, your team can only clock in and out from those authorized locations.

Your members are able to clock in and out as usual with their location. However, if they try clocking in or out from a location outside of the authorised location range, they will be blocked and prevented from clocking in or out until they are within the range of the authorised location.

On their devices, they can tap to see if they are inside an authorised location or not. If they aren't, they can see where the nearest location to them is.

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