Removing a member can be done on the People settings page via the member's profile or from the People overview itself.

Removing a member is not permanent.

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Removing a member

When you remove a member, they will be moved under the Removed Members section (similar to archiving an item) at the bottom left of the People page.

When members are removed:

  1. They cannot log in and access the Jibbel app anymore.

  2. They can still appear in searches (when searched manually), reports and historic data. But they will appear in a grey deactivated state to indicate they have been removed.

  3. They can still be restored.

There will be a confirmation message to confirm the removal action before your member is removed.

On the Removed Members list, you are still able to click on the user to view their profiles. Editing their profile is disabled for removed members.

Deleting a member permanently

It is also possible to delete the member permanently.

  1. There will be a confirmation message before the permanent deletion takes place.

  2. All their data will be erased permanently from the app and cannot be retrieved anymore upon deletion.

Example of searching for a removed member

User 1 was removed 2 months ago:

  1. If I change the date range in the app to a period when User 1 was an active user, they should show up in the list. This applies to the dashboard, timesheets, any date-sensitive data pulls.

  2. If I'm looking at a date range of when User 1 was already inactive, they should not show up in the list. They should only show up if I search for their name manually.

  3. If I am looking at People Settings, they should not show up. They can be found in Removed Members.

  4. At any point, their avatar & name appear in a deactivated state since they have been removed.

If they were archived in February, restored in March, and when we look back in February reports:

  • Since they are now active, User 1 will still be considered active back in February but we won't see any data tracked for them since they did not track time at all then.

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