When tracking time on mobile devices, your internet connection could be unstable or disappear. This is where offline mode comes in for mobile devices - so team members can keep clocking in and out, even when in remote areas.

How it works

When your device is offline, you can only clock in and out. Timesheets and the dashboard will be restricted - you will need to re-connect to the internet later to sync your offline time entries with your Jibble timesheet.

Offline view in personal mode

Offline limitations

When clocking in offline:

  • Activities/Projects are ignored (you can't select them)

  • Breaks are ignored (you can only clock in/out)

  • Auto-reminders are disabled

  • Auto-clock outs are disabled

  • GPS tracking is optional (depending on the device's GPS )

While activity tracking will not be available in offline mode, GPS tracking will depend on your mobile device's capability to receive GPS signal without an Internet connection.

If you have time tracking restrictions related to activity and GPS tracking enabled, team members will be able to bypass these restrictions and add entries without activity or GPS info when offline.

Identifying offline entries

When a team member adds an offline time entry, it will be indicated on the time entry and daily timesheet as shown below:

The offline entry indicator on time entries seen from the daily timesheet

The offline entry indicator on time entries

Resolving offline time entry conflicts

When team members are clocking in offline, there is a chance that an admin or manager might add entries for them before the team member's offline entries are synced with their timesheet again. This could cause conflicts in the timesheet calculations, for example:

  1. Lets say a team member forgets to clock out while at the office

  2. He then remembers to clock out when in the car park where there is no internet connection.

  3. He clocks out while offline and his manager who notices he hasn't clocked out, clocks out on behalf of the team member from the office.

  4. When the team member's offline entry is synced, there will be 2 consecutive OUT entries on the timesheet.

So what happens now? The offline entry is shown on the timesheet but it isn't calculated. When an offline entry is in conflict with an online entry, the online entry is calculated in the timesheet instead while the offline entry will be highlighted with an 'Offline Conflict' icon as seen here:

The team member or manager can decide to let it be or delete either the offline or online entry which will resolve the conflict resulting in the timesheet will be recalculated and the offline conflict icon being removed.

Enabling offline mode

Offline mode is enabled by default for all organizations but can be disabled by the team owner or admin:

  1. Navigate to Time Tracking settings on desktop.

  2. In the Platforms section, uncheck the offline mode option as shown in the screenshot below.

Custom offline mode restrictions

Organizations on the Premium or Ultimate plan will have access to advanced group settings. The admin or owner can enable/disable offline mode for specific groups or departments that require it, instead of a one-size-fits-all setting for all team members.

Note: Clocking in offline is only available in personal mode at the moment and will be released for kiosks in the near future.

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