Once in kiosk mode, the users are able to see the dashboard. On the top left, there is a gear icon to access Kiosk settings. These settings are different from Time Tracking settings in personal mode and on the web app, as they only apply to the kiosk that is being operated.

If you need to change settings for another Kiosk, you will need to switch to a different Kiosk to do that.

The Kiosk setting is only accessible by managers, admins, and owners using their own PIN to unlock Kiosk settings. Members do not have access to it.

This article covers:

1) Change Kiosk

Owners, admins, and managers are able to switch to another Kiosk and delete a kiosk. Once another Kiosk is selected, the current kiosk will be immediately switched to the selected kiosk.

Only owners and admins are able to create a new kiosk, managers can only switch between kiosks that have already been created.

2) Kiosk settings

Kiosk Name

Kiosk name is configured from the onboarding process of setting up kiosk mode the first time. It can be updated anytime.

Members & Groups

The list of members in a kiosk will be displayed. They may be from different groups, and their clock in verification rules will follow the time clock settings in the kiosk, so there will not be any conflicts.

To add more (existing) members to the kiosk, select the icon with a stack/tick on the top right corner to start adding.

Depending on what your permission is, you can add only your managed people, e.g. owners can add anyone, but managers can only view and add their managed people in kiosks.

3) Time clock

Time Clock settings configured here will be applied to the current kiosk being operated.

Speed mode

Speed mode allows people to clock in and out almost completely touchless. Read more about speed mode here.

Face recognition

If facial recognition is enabled as a verification method for members, the members clocking into the kiosk MUST use facial recognition to clock in and out.

Read more about verifying time entries with facial recognition here.

Face recognition accuracy controls

Once face recognition is enabled, you can adjust your Face recognition (FR) accuracy controls from fast, optimal and accurate mode to adjust the level and speed of face recognition that suits your organization size and requirements.

Camera for selfie capturing

Selfie capturing can be switched on if facial recognition is disabled and not required.

  • If facial recognition is not required, the user is able to disable the camera for selfie capturing on kiosk mode.

  • If facial recognition is required, the selfie option will be enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Enable screensaver

The screensaver is useful when the camera screen is opened all time. When the camera screen is switched on at all times, it heats and drains the battery. Enabling the screensaver helps to reduce this.

If facial recognition is enabled, the screensaver will be enabled by default and the toggle will be in a disabled state.

PIN verification

If PIN verification is enabled, the members must use their PIN to clock in and out.

If facial recognition is enabled together with this PIN option enabled, that means the members must clock in and out using facial recognition. However, if they fail their verification using facial recognition, they are able to clock in with their PIN as a fallback.

Read more about PIN verification here. (This article must be updated with the new PIN verification fallback with FR, once the new Kiosk settings are completed and released)

Record GPS location

If this option is enabled, the members must track time with the current location of the Kiosk.

Enable Geofencing

If this option is enabled, the members must clock in within their work location assigned in location settings.

Require activities

If this option is enabled, the members must clock in with their activity.

Enable End of day summary

By default, when clocking out, you will see an end of day summary of the breakdown of activities and hours. Some companies do not need that for their staff.

On Kiosk mode, you can disable the “End Day Summary". That means the members will not see the end of day summary breakdown anymore.

4) Your account

The last section allows you to:

  • Change your PIN

  • Sign out from your account.

For now, the “Change PIN” is changing the user’s own PIN, e.g. owner’s own PIN.

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