When you sign up to Jibble, you are automatically on a 14 day free trial of the Premium or Ultimate plan (depending on your preferences during onboarding). During the free trial you can switch plans as much as you want.

You can read more about the different subscription plans in this article.

Upgrading to a paid plan (during trial)

If you want to upgrade to a paid plan during the free trial, you can do this by clicking on one of the upgrade buttons in the web app, or by managing your plan from the subscriptions page by going to Organization > Subscription, it will guide you to the following plan selector:

  1. Select the plan you would like to continue on after your trial ends.

  2. For annual plans: confirm the number of seats (users) that you would like to purchase. Read more about monthly vs annual plans here.

  3. Add your payment details (creditcard / paypal)

Once you've successfully added your payment details you'll see a success message like the one below. Note that you will not be charged anything until your free trial ends, after which you will receive an invoice automatically.

If your trial has already expired: Of course you can always upgrade after your trial expired or if you're on the free plan. In this case, the costs will be charged to your payment method immediately.

At the moment, only credit cards and PayPal can be used to make monthly payments. Contact us if your team has over 50 staff and you want to make an annual payment via bank transfer.

Changing your plan

You can change your plan under Organization > Subscriptions > "Manage plan"

During your free trial, you can change your plans as many time as you want. However, once you are on a paid plan you'll need to upgrade or downgrade.

Upgrading your plan

The following changes are considered an upgrade:

  • From any monthly paid plan → any annual paid plan

  • From Free → any paid plan

  • From Premium monthly → Ultimate monthly

  • From Premium annual → Ultimate annual

You can always upgrade your plan at any time. Do keep in mind that:

  • Changes for an upgrade will take effect immediately, you will immediately be charged for the plan costs

  • Any previous payments will be prorated accordingly (see example below)


Deborah is on the Premium monthly plan ($2.50) with 10 users which runs from 1 June - 31 June. On 10 June. Johnny decides to upgrade to the Premium annual plan ($2.00) with 10 seats:

  • The price for the annual plan is 10 (users) x $2.00 x 12 months = $240 for the period of 10 June 2021 until 10 June 2022.

  • Johnny paid $25 for 10 users on the 1st of June. He used 10/31 days so his new bill will be discounted with (10/31) x $25 = $8.06

Deborah will pay ($240 - $8.06 =) $231.94 on 10 June to upgrade to the annual plan.

Downgrading your plan

The following changes are considered a downgrade:

  • From any annual paid plan → any monthly paid plan

  • From Ultimate (annual) to any Premium (monthly/annual)

  • From Ultimate (monthly) → Premium (monthly)

Any downgrade to FREE is considered a cancellation (see below)

If you wish to downgrade your plan, the changes will be scheduled to take place only at the end of your current billing cycle. No refunds are given and proration does not apply.


Ken is on the Premium annual plan ($2.00) with 10 users which runs from 10 June 2021 until 10 June 2022. On 10 February 2022, Ken decides to downgrade to Premium monthly.

  • The plan change is scheduled. This means that nothing changes until 10 June 2022

  • On 10 June 2022, Ken is automatically downgraded to the monthly plan:

    • He is charged 10 x $2.50

    • The billing period is from 10 June until 10 July, after which he'll receive a new bill based on the number of users in his organization.

Cancelling your subscription

When you change from any paid plan to a free plan, it’s considered a cancellation of your paid subscription.

Once confirmed, you will lose all access to the paid plan features immediately. Make sure that when you cancel or downgrade to the free plan, you're aware of the following potential changes.

Some settings might be lost and permanently deleted forever.

Read more about cancellations here.

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