Jibble is a very simple time clock solution for companies to track their employees' attendance for payroll. Over the past years, we've worked on Jibble 1, which can be found here.

As of 2021, we will release the Jibble 2 app, which will eventually replace Jibble 1.

What's the difference between Jibble 2 and Jibble 1?

Jibble 2 has some key differences with Jibble 1::

  • Automated facial recognition: facial recognition has been vastly improved - better, faster, and more accurate than before.

  • Speed mode kiosk: clocking in / out in kiosk mode is A LOT easier. Team members can walk up to the device, the app recognizes their face and they can clock in!

  • Grouping: a long-requested feature. Create multiple sub-groups within your organisation and give them their own restrictions and policies.

  • Upgraded work schedules: we made a significant upgrade to work schedules. You can set up multiple schedules with custom overtime rules, assign locations to schedules, and create paid or unpaid breaks.

  • Projects & clients: This is different from Jibble 1. We no longer have "Activities & Clients", instead we've introduced the concept of "Activities & Projects". In the future, projects can have their own dedicated budgets, locations, and team members.

I already have an account and I'm using Jibble 1, can I use Jibble 2?

Unfortunately, you can't. Jibble 1 (app.jibble.io) and 2 (app2.jibble.io) operate on two completely different servers. This means that, if for example you have a Jibble 1 account and are using the Jibble 1 mobile app, you can NOT use those credentials to log in to Jibble 2.

If you want to use both Jibble 1 and Jibble 2, you will have to create two separate accounts and organizations. In the future, we'll allow for migration from Jibble 1 users to Jibble 2.

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