The Jibble time clock is a great way to keep track of your staff on your physical site. Especially powerful for fast clock-ins when combined with automated facial recognition.

1. Install Jibble on your mobile device

You can download Jibble for your iPad or Android from Apple App Store or Google Play and set up an account. If you already have one, you simply log in with your username and password.

Learn more about setting up Jibble for the first time here.

2. Setting up kiosk mode
Once you have logged in, just hit the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen to open the settings menu.

If you haven't set up Kiosk mode yet on the onboarding checklist, you will see "Set up Kiosk Mode" instead of "Switch to Kiosk Mode". Click on it.

For initial set up:

  1. Select the people and/or groups who will be on the kiosk

  2. Name your kiosk

  3. Set up a PIN for yourself - this will be your PIN to help override and clock in/out for your members if needed, as well as accessing the kiosk settings (which only owners, admins, and managers are allowed to with their PINs)

  4. All set! Click "Let's go" to open up your kiosk

3. Start clocking In/Out
Once everything is set up, your staff can start clocking in and out easily with a selfie and/or PIN.

Note: PIN is only available on the paid plan. You can find it under the custom restrictions of the Time Clock restrictions section on the Time Tracking settings page.

4. Verifying the data in the action log/timesheets and Facial Recognition
As a manager, you will have access to all the time entries in the team timesheets.

For example, if you would go to Alex's detailed daily sheet, you'll see that he had a few time entries and we can verify it's him.

With facial recognition, all the time entries are automatically audited and verified by the software. So when unrecognised face clocks in/out, you will receive an e-mail that there is a facial recognition mismatch.

A great way to prevent buddy punching!

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