There are two ways to add users to your team.

You can either invite them to log in and set up an account (with an e-mail address or phone number), or create them immediately (without an e-mail or phone number) so they can clock in/out from a shared time clock on kiosk mode.

Inviting users

When you want your team members to have their own account so they can log in through the web app or mobile app, you will need to invite them on their e-mail address and/or phone number.

In the web app:

  1. Go to "People"

  2. Fill in your team member's full name and e-mail/phone number

  3. Click on the "Plus" icon whenever you need to add a new person

  4. Make sure "send email invite" and/or " is checked and click "Save"

  5. That's it! Your team member has been created and he/she will receive an e-mail or SMS with a signup link.

Even before accepting the invite, team members can clock in/out from the shared time clock if needed.

Note: Make sure that you, as the owner, verified your email address first. If you don't, the invitation links will not get sent out until you do.

Creating / adding users without an account

If you only use the shared time clock, and you don't need your team members to login you can create them without an e-mail address.

Follow all the steps above, but instead of checking any of the boxes, make sure that both email and SMS options are blank when you hit save.

The team members will be directly created in the People list and can immediately be used in Kiosk Mode.

If you created a member before instead of inviting them and you want them to have access to them own account, you can follow the steps from this article by adding their email or phone number in their profile to invite them.

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